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Who can benefit from using Smovey? Everyone!

Smovey RINGS are suitable for anyone, young or old. They are ideal for:

  • Fitness Enthusiasts – Increases the effectiveness of your fitness programme.
  • Everyone who likes to walk – Enjoy nature and train your body at the same time.
  • Losing Weight – Increase calorie loss 
  • Elderly people – Gives back mobility, coordination, and security.
  • Aqua Fitness – Joint-friendly exercises in the water.
  • Golf Players – The perfect warm up tool to boost mobility and accuracy
  • Children & Students – Promotes exercise and improves concentration and coordination.
  • People with disabilities – Improves mobility/fitness, improves circulation and helps the body feel better.

October 17, 2019

My Smovey Experience

Reluctantly,  that's the best  way of putting it,  I started out on my Smovey journey !

I have lived with MS for the past 30 years having to wait 10 years to be diagnosed regrettably not here in Ireland but to be diagnosed in Canada where

my sister was living and who also has MS – we are affectionately called Irish twins with 13 months between us !!  As with my diagnosis information and

treatment around MS and neurology was not wonderful back in the 90s and left a lot to be desired

So fast forward to 2017 and my husband was President of the local Chamber of Commerce and following a business after hours meeting he brought home a leaflet

advertising SMOVEY, so my reaction was 'oh here we go again, something else to try ' but so eventually I rang the no. due to my husband pestering me (thus why I

begin with the word RELUCTANTLY)  to do so as the lady was very nice and she thought that smovey might be helpful as it was so effective with Parkinsons, OMG how

right Irene was, I went, in a short space of time , after 20 odd years of not being able to shower and with the help of a bath lift managed to take a bath to now  being

able to stand in my wet room and have a shower,  it was just an incredible transformation ! I could balance and with the aid of hand grips manage to shower myself !!


Irene was so encouraging and inspiring , her personal attention to each of us was wonderful, as each of us has various different symptoms despite all having neurological

conditions.  Irene's understanding of our conditions and neurology was just incredible due to her various studies etc.

Training with smovey has taught me that our recovery and wellness is in our own hands, nobody else can do it only myself ........ ME


So thank you so much for giving me a new lease of life Irene


Much love and sincere thanks

Ellen Mary xx

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