About smoveyPOWER

The smoveyPOWER is an oscillating ring system that consists of 4 or 6 steel balls (depending on the model) and a handle system that permits propulsion of the balls through the entire length of the tube. Moving the rings forwards, backwards or in a circular formation prompts the steel balls to move as free mass generating the vibration that is typical of Smovey by way of their rolling motion across the groves and ridges of the spiral.

The vibrations activate the reflex zones in the palm of the hand having many benefits including:

  • Activates muscles and burns fat
  • Vitalises the body’s cells
  • Tightens connective tissue
  • Mobilises the digestive system
  • Boots metabolism
  • Massages and relieves the lymph system = detoxification
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Supports the heart and circulatory system

smoveyPOWER is a dynamic development based on the smoveyCLASSIC that is especially suited to running and weight training. It was especially designed for professional sport and fitness people as there is weight training and vibration therapy going on at the same time.
A huge benefit that sports people have found is that their time of recovery after an injury is much faster since using smoveyPOWER

smoveyPOWER is particularly powerful for any triathletes, boxers or rowers, basically any athlete that needs upper body strength with powerful shoulders.

Double Iron Man Lanzarote Fraser Thom – Since I started using smoveyPOWER my strength increased as did my circulatory system and I did my personal best time since starting smoveyPOWER. I felt stronger and while training with the smoveyPOWER , was fun it, unbelievable effective, and I even had much faster recovery times since using POWER.

14 times Marathon Runner Stephanie Power – I have been running marathons for over 10 years and while my legs are extremely strong, I never felt my arms connected in the same way. Since using smoveyPOWER, I have become much stronger in a shorter time and I feel so much better after my training. It has cut my hours in the gym since training with the POWER and I don’t feel half as stiff the following day. I always do a cool down and massage my legs and tummy after a workout. It has without doubt helped by circulatory system also and I am having much better time since POWER. I not only feel fitter since using Smovey but healthier and would highly recommend it too everybody

Who can benefit from using Smovey? Everyone!

Smovey RINGS are suitable for anyone, young or old. They are ideal for:

  • Fitness Enthusiasts – A truely dynamic tool that will add to your fitness rountine.
  • Everyone who likes to walk – Enjoy nature and train your body at the same time.
  • Losing Weight – Increase calorie loss 
  • Elderly people – Assists mobility, coordination, and security.
  • Aqua Fitness – Joint-friendly exercises in the water.
  • Golf Players – The perfect warm up tool to boost mobility and accuracy
  • Children & Students – Promotes exercise and improves concentration and coordination.
  • People with disabilities – Improves mobility/fitness, improves circulation and helps the body feel better.
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