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ireneMy Story

On the 6th December 2015, I was jogging along the beach front in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote when I noticed a woman doing some exercise with some strange looking green circular tubes.  On closer inspection, I noticed what shapely fit arms she had in contrast to my flabby bingo wings, I was immediately intrigued so I stopped and asked her about these exercise tools.  She was a lovely lady from Austria on her holidays in Lanzarote for 2 months and a "smovey coach" back in Austria.  Her job was giving classes to various groups of people from school kids to the elderly in retirement homes and everybody in between.  She very excitedly and enthusiastically told me about these wonderful exercise tubes that were invented by an Austrian Tennis player, Johanna Salzwimmer, who had developed Parkinson's disease.
I was very interested to learn more about these exciting exercise rings. I quickly learnt that these were not just normal exercise rings, but a specialised tool that can actually help and reduce the effects of Parkinson's & other motor nutor diseases.  I knew a couple of people with Parkinson's and introduced them to "Smovey" and they quickly felt the benefits and saw how regular exercise could improve their quality of life. I saw a fantastic opportunity and decided to invest in this company and became the first person to import Smovey to Canary Islands & Ireland.
I give regular demonstrations around Puerto Del Carmen and soon expanding to other resorts of Lanzarote with requests already to branch out to the other Canary Islands.
The feedback from customers has been phenomenal and everybody, young and old, enjoys the experience of using these wonderful tools.  They are used all over Austria & Germany; in every sector from private homes, fitness centres, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and even schools.
This business is after grown so much in the past month that I am now looking for partners to expand this business and develop more in the UK & Ireland so if you're interested in helping people and telling the benefits of these new innovative exercise tools while earning money at the same time, please get it touch for further information.
I hope you enjoy the site and please check out the free classes and hopefully there is one near you.  (Classes starting in Ireland in July)
If you have any questions or would like some further information, please don't hesitate to contact me,
With best wishes,
Irene X

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