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Wendy Rudd - Senior Occupational Therapist


This product is great for children with movement and coordination issues. It provides increased sensory input while moving, increasing the feedback a child gets from their muscles and joints while encouraging correct grip and developing muscle tone. The extra dimension of sound and the internal weight help to support rhythm while moving with the Smovey. The feedback it provides is great. It can be used to incorporate bilateral integration games and movements, challenges the vestibular (balance) system when incorporating change of direction, static to dynamic and dynamic to static games in addition to providing increased proprioceptive, tactile and auditory input making it fun and versatile for use with children of all ages. It would be a great addition to a school’s gym class when group routines could be incorporated. This is a versatile and fun tool to add to therapy.

Wendy Rudd

Senior Occupational Therapist.

Peter Kirwan, Kill, Waterford

I’ve been a physical trainer and therapist, specializing in sports rehabilitation and find smovey excellent and use in both my fitness classes and also regularly incorporate it into my rehabilitation to marvelous results. I’m training to become a smovey coach and will be introducing this to other physical therapists around the country. peterfreda.kirwan@gmail.com

Colin o Shaughnessy, Elite Gym, Cork.

I had heard of the positive effects in fitness and rehabilitation from a few clients who were already finding great benefits from them. They encouraged me to try them and I was so impressed I did my own 8 week trial with 6 rehabilitation clients and their improvements convinced me this was a wonderful exercise and Physiotherpists tool and we now use smovey in our prehab and rehabilitation techniques and also run special dedicated classes for both general fitness and those experiencing neurological difficulties. colin@helpfulsteps.ie

Jackie O'Brien, Smovey Coach & Yoga instructor. Waterford & Kilkenny

I immediately felt the positive energy and health benefits after working with smovey only two weeks. The vibrations have such positive health properties on each client that uses them and with regularly use of these amazing tools, you will soon see the health benefits for yourself. I was so overwhelmed when I met so many people that had experienced such positive effects from this tool that I immediately studied to become a smovey coach. I now give weekly group classes in Splashworld Waterford and private one to one classes from those with less mobility. Jackie O’Brien, Smovey Coach & Yoga instructor. Waterford & Kilkenny jackieob82@gmail.com

Edel O Donoghue, Fitness Instructor, Splashworld, Waterford

I was first introduced to smovey in Splashworld and so many clients were not only loving the classes but they were experiencing so many different health benefits from helping with arthritis pain, increased energy that lasts long after the class was over, increased mobility, reduced pain and stiffness in joints and all said it was easy and great fun. I’ve been doing Fitness classes in splashworld for over 10 years and this is the first where I’ve incorporated vibration therapy. I’m now training to become a smovey coach and hold weekly classes in splashworld. Edel O Donoghue, Fitness Instructor, Splashworld, Waterford eodonoghue56@gmail.com

Carole Meyers

Since being introduced to Smovey’s, I cannot speak highly enough about them. I am now training to become a smovey coach and will be introducing this to more of my clients in my Kinesiology practice in the UK. I have already seen fantastic results in Lupus, Parkinson’s and Arthritis clients, being a vibration therapy tool it incorporates beautifully into the vibrational medicine practice of Kinesiology. One lady that has severe mobility issues described her full body massage as “a system to temporarily remove pain”

Carole Meyers   Meyers_cal@hotmail.com

Belinda McDonald, Physical Therapist

“The Hz frequency of the swinging rings stimulates perception of vibration, gaining improved stimulus to the nervous system and increasing stabilisation signals produced in the joints. The movement stimulates a dynamic function from the nervous system and brain, while challenging function. There are not many tools on the market that assist in strengthening musculature as well as in challenging the nervous system. I have introduced the smovey rings to several patients in our clinic and thus far all a have gained benefit. “

Taruno Steffensen, SEP

“The vibrations are enormously soothing to the nervous system, whether an individual is in a hyper or hypo state, and bring him or her to a state of balance and calm pretty quickly. The rings are smooth and slick, and they appear to guide movement and promote awakening, opening and postural stability. The smovey vibrations also facilitate a mindful awareness and connection to the body’s internal sensations, which is key in all trauma healing. In particular, the vibrations regulate the autonomic organ system to a state of equilibrium and homeostasis.”

Dr. Peter Levine Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner.

“The smovey rings are a useful tool for mobilizing the body in a contained, safe way. They organize energy through sound, movement and rhythm, helping to link the autonomic and somatic (systems). This is one of the very helpful tools I use along with the Bellicon Rebounder, Tuning Board, Body Blade, and a large gymnastic ball.”  

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