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Pat Flavin - Tramore

Irene (Smovey Health): I came back to Ireland 6 weeks ago and one of the first people I went to see was Pat Flavin who had a terrible tragic fall off a horse three and half years ago. Pat was left in a wheelchair and after staying 6 months in Dunlaoighre rehabilitation and few more months in St.Pats rehabilitating in Waterford he was allowed home. Pat is still In his wheelchair and unfortunately In severe pain around his whole body, hands, feet, back, neck, you name it, he feels pain in it. Even though I hadn’t worked with anybody with as severe condition as Pat, I was confident that the Smoveys would offer him some sort of comfort but actually blown away by the massive improvement Pat has made in these 6 short weeks. I visit Pat once or twice a week to see his progress and every week I’m just astonished as how effective the Smoveys have been not just for him, but a huge help to his family and carers also as it’s such an easy tool to use. Here is Pats testimonial in his own words

“I was skeptical when Irene showed me these green rings first as I get calls every other day from people promising me they have the solution to my problems. Irene explained the theory behind the Smoveys and offered me a few weeks trial without Obligation to try so I had nothing to loose.

Irene showed me different exercises to help me gain some strength in my arms but this was quite difficult and tired me out. She then massaged my shoulders and back of neck which was a lovely sensation and released strains immediately which I was very surprised about. From damaged nerve endings, I get pains in all my fingers that all curl up so she massaged my hands front and back with the Smoveys and got great relief from that as the vibrations seems to loosen out the fingers and I could open my hands more. 6 weeks later, they are much better, while I can’t open my hands fully, they are a lot better and less painful than before the Smoveys.

I get a full body massage front and back and find this a massive help and I look forward to this treatment. The vibrations go through my entire body and loosen my stuff muscles and release a lot of my pain. What I love is that any of my family can do this once they were shown how to do it, I don’t have the hassle of removing any clothes as the vibrations go through the clothes and it’s extremely time effective. This is a huge advantage as I can get a 5 minute massage while sitting in my chair which will give me great relief whereas if I had to go down to the bed and take off my clothes; its so much hassle I’d wouldn’t bother asking. An added unexpected bonus is that I can ask my family or carers to massage my gluteus without anybody getting embarrassed. This brings relief for anybody in a wheelchair which I am sure some people never speak about out of embarrassment. I’ve never heard of or seen a tool like this and after 6 weeks of using it I highly recommend it.

I am still in pain but nothing like before I started using Smoveys and I personally recommend them as an excellent tool for anybody in a wheelchair and also for physios and occupational therapists to use on their clients.”

Nora Kennedy- Polymyalgia

Nora Kennedy was diagnosed six weeks ago with Polymyalgia Rheumatica. She came in to our office in Tramore for a demonstration and chat about a smovey. We work together for about 15 minutes to do light exercise and massage over Nora’s shoulders, hips and knees. She was so sceptical at the very start, however was very surprised with a benefits at the end. When she arrived to our office she was very stiff after nearly 2 hours driving. The massage helped her muscles relax and reduced pain in her shoulders. At the session she said that the vibrations really helped her relax and also decreased the pain in the right shoulder. We are delighted to see another happy customer, especially after the very first quick consultation. Nora is a committee member of I.C.A and she is so happy with the results of her smovey, she invited us to do presentation on Wednesday 26th of July in Templeneiry art culture centre, Tipperary.  If you would like further information on how smovey can help you, please check out www.smoveyhealth.com or email irene@smoveyhealth.com
Nora Kennedy June 2017

Rose Fitzpatrick- back and shoulders tension

Rose Fitzpatrick suffer from back and shoulders tension. Her shoulders get tight and stiff. She got the demonstrations on smovey(massage and exercises) few days ago, she felt the difference literally after the session. Her shoulders are relaxed and looser. Rose came back yesterday to our office for consultation and again was so happy with a benefits at the end. We did some basic exercises and massage over Rose’s neck and shoulders. The massage helped her shoulders relax and loosen up the muscles. At the end of the session Rose said: “I can move, I can move my head, I can move my shoulders, and it’s just loosening everything up”. We are so happy to see another person satisfied of using smovey. If you would like further information on how smovey can help you, please check out www.smoveyhealth.com or email irene@smoveyhealth.com


Rose Fitzpatrick, June 2017 Tramore

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