How has Smovey helped people?

Niall O Driscoll 28/08/16

I’ve had Parkinsons for 5 years and have no feeling in my feet and so tired all the time. I’ve no energy and feel depressed a lot of the time. I was introduced to Irene in Lanzarote in April 2016 and since the day I met her and started to use the Smoveys, I’ve been using them every single morning without fail and I can say with my hand on my heart they are the best tool for exercise I’ve ever seen. They have given me so much energy and I feel amazing since using them. I don’t go for my afternoon nap anymore as have plenty of energy and in much better form since using them. Consistency is key and once you get into a morning routine, you won’t want to get out of it. At the start we followed Irene’s video classes on Facebook but we make up our own now and love it. It is our plan to start up our own Smovey class in the future.

Tony Wilkinson, Cork August 2016

I literally couldn’t believe it!!! I’d heard of the Smoveys from some members of our Parkinsons group that had them so really was just thinking they would increase my energy levels which would be a bonus. I never expected it to be as amazing as it is and for it to be so effective immediately, I’m actually blown away by it. I came to one of Irene’s presentations in Cork where she explained the process, history and everything about Smovey and then we went to a gym downstairs where Irene showed us all the exercises. Both my wife and I really enjoyed them, especially the balance and coordination ones. Even my wife who doesn’t suffered from PD said she was excited about feeling the benefits of them. I had already decided to invest in a set when Irene took us for a little walk with them and as I walk with a stick for balance I was not going to do the walk until Irene told me it the Smovey would be used as a stick or crutch but much better. I didn’t believe it until I tried it and immediately walked unaided. I’m so happy and excited to use Smovey and now I can go for a walk without my crutch or loosing my balance I’m so grateful.

January 2017

2 months later; I’m walking 5 miles weather permitting without my stick just using smoveys. This is unheard of, it’s not only after changing my whole attitude to exercise, it’s after changing my bodyshape and I’ve such core body strength which I haven’t had in years. Absolutely love the smoveys.

Dee Oakly

I heard about Smovey from a Parkinson’s website and contacted Irene who was very helpful and knowledgable about Smovey and Parkinsons. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercise correctly as I’d never seen these Smoveys before but Irene Skyped me and showed me 5 basic moves which were very easy to do. I was unsure if these exercises could really benefit me as they were so easy but I did feel much more energy and was in better mood. The following week Irene Skyped me again and saw my improvement with the exercises and gave me new ones. The second week really focused on balance and coordination and I found them much more difficult. Irene was so patient and generous with her time and eventually I got it. Irene checked me again after a few days to ensure I was using the correct technique which I was and had greatly improved and really gave me great confidence in my own ability. I’m doing Smovey 5 weeks now, I do them every single morning without fail ( unless emergency pops up)and it’s part of my daily routine I don’t deter from and look forward to it as I do Irene’s weekly Skype calls. I highly recommend Smoveys not only for Parkinson’s patients but for everybody as they are so versatile and you really do feel the benefits.   Since I’ve started Smovey a lot of people are telling me how well I look and I absolutely feel the benefits of them. I’ve got much more strength and stamina and able to do so much more than when I started. I had no right swing in my right arm and now after only 5 weeks the muscles are much stronger and I can swing both rings and this really helps my balance. Another major benefit of the Smoveys is my arms and legs would freeze for half hour nearly every day but since I started Smovey, the vibrations prevent the freezing most of the time. When I feel the trigger that my arms are going to freeze I then swing my smovey rings and can often stop the freezing which is amazing as its so debilitating.  I am off to Portugal next week and with the power of technology we will still be having our weekly Skype call that I really look forward to. I can feel myself getting stronger and fitter by the week and that’s a great feeling.

Parkinson's Testimony - Ann (New Ross)

Testimony from Dr. Gary Sharpe who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s 8 years who is dedicating his life to finding a natural cure for Parkinson’s and co founder of “out thinking Parkinson’s” Follow his truly amazing inspirational journey and unbelievable to actually see the improvements he’s made in the last year. “They say” Parkinson’s is a progressive degenerative disease….. not according to Dr. Sharpe who is defying the odds and improving on his condition and reducing his meds.

Words of Dr. Sharp ” I have been using the smovey rings daily for several weeks and been exploring not only the suggested moves, but ways to incorporate them into movement recovery and dance therapy which I do several times a day in the comfort of my home own. They are tremendous asset in PD recovery and the fact I can now make a fist as seen in my video has certainly been helped by the hand gripping of the rings. I recommend to them any one with PD who is using exercise to help with their symptoms.

It it astonishing how such a simple tool has so many benefits and I’m truly grateful to irene for all her help and coaching using smovey. It has really helped with my walking and I feel so much more comfortable walking and I have lots more energy and feel much fitter since I started. These tools were introduced to me at a time I felt really low and I can honestly say they give me massive support and comfort. Thank you Irene

Flor O Driscoll, Bray.

I had a stroke just over 19 months ago and since then, I have had restricted movement in my left side. I was introduced to smovey through Linda at the Stroke Conference in Croke Park in early April 2017. Since then, I have become a daily user. smovey exercises have benefited me fourfold:

  • The vibration therapy has increased the blood circulation and sensitivity of my left fingers and hand.
  • The vibration therapy improves the flexibility of my neck and shoulders.
  • The vibrations, also improve my digestive system.
  • My overall fitness has improved through smovey workouts each morning.

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