SmoveyMED Pre-order with free DVD


We are delighted to announce our new product smoveyMED.

smoveyMED is a new upgraded, even better, version that will be available very soon..

SmoveyMED has been specifically designed by neurologist Dr. Ivan Di Stefano & team of doctors and scientists who have seen remarkable improvements in patients with neurological condition.   We are personally recommending for anybody suffering with neurological conditions that they invest in the MED instead.

Dr Phillip MacMillan: Doctor specialising in Stroke and Neuro Rehabilitation

smoveyMED is brand new tool that comes with an excellent DVD explaining all the benefits however if you would like to pre-order your set,you can do this here.

They cost €130 which is €30 more expensive than then classic, but the difference is obvious and the benefit greater which is more important than money itself and for all pre ordered smoveyMED’s you will receive our Helping People with Parkinson’s 5 week exercise program for free (usually retailing at €25.00)

If you have anymore questions please contact

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