Hi, My name is Irene Treacy, Owner of Smovey Health and course creator of “Helping People with Parkinson’s”, an education and exercise program to help improve the quality of life of people with parkinson’s and their caregivers.

I am Ireland ‘s 1st smoveyCOACH ,  I am also  PD Warrior  and Parkinsons Regeneration Trained. I have been working with people with parkinsons since January 2016 and already I’ve had remarkable results with improving quality of life for people with parkinsons across Ireland, UK, America, Australia & New Zealand.  I believe that anybody with the right mindset, education and dedication can improve their condition but 1st you have to believe it to achieve it.  Next you have to be aware of how your body and brain works and what you can do to empower yourself for your own journey of recovery.

5 Week Parkinson's Program

This 5 week program was inspired from working very closely with people that were making great improvements and I couldn’t understand why some were making better progress than others and then, over time, it became obvious – education and exercise! So many people were genuinely just not aware of the significant improvements they can make themselves by making changes to their mindset & lifestyle.   I have met so many people with parkinsons that have just “accepted” that this is a degenerative condition; that there is nothing they can do about it but take medication and it’s my purpose in life to show them otherwise.

I have proven that an 82 year old can have the same improvements as a 52 year old just as long as they are willing and wanting to take responsibility and do the work that’s necessary.

I hope you enjoy this educational and exercise program and whether you do it in person as part of our 5 week program, our 1 or 2 days roadshow or on line; once you do the work as directed, you will see a massive improvement in your quality of life.

Parkinson's Events



Helping People With Parkinson’s Education and Exercise 5 week course

Dates:                  Tuesday  2nd October X 5 Weeks

Time:                    2pm to  5pm  €150 per person

Location:             Carrickphierish Library, Carrickpherish, Waterford

Contact:      if interested in this course





These are one day condensed courses that run from 10am to 4pm that is a combination of education and exercise with invited local guests speakers including Psychotherapist,   Doctor (or Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist) , Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Therapists

We send you a workbook and specific Parkinson’s exercises on line including some material to cover before the course starts.  You will also get 5 weeks of different smovey exercises starting with the core 4, then every week getting a little more difficult and longer which will build up your strength, improve your balance, coordination, digestive system, increase mobility, circulation.  By exercising every day for 15 minutes with smovey will also reduce stress and anxiety and give you much more energy.

Please email if interested In booking a roadshow in your area