Smovey Classes

Below are the currently available Smovey classes. If you don’t see a Smovey class available in your area, but would love to take part, please let us know by registering your interest with your name and county at the bottom of this page.


I am so excited to bring this 1st dedicated Parkinson’s course to my home county.  It’s a 5 weeks long course for 2 hours every Tuesday from 20th February  in Edmund Rice Heritage centre and it’s the most detailed,  interactive, educational and fun course out there. Each week we will be focusing on different issues like increasing strength, focus, energy, coordination and so much more.   We will be much focused on reducing falls and improving balance and gait amongst a host of other helpful strategies.  Everybody will have home work to do and I will be assessing everybody at the start by recording their current abilities to perform tasks and then again after the course completed so people can visually see their improvement at the end of the course.

We will have special guest speakers each week which include doctors, physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychotherapist and fitness instructor; all sharing their expert knowledge and giving practical take home tips on how to improve your quality of life.
This course will normally be €60 per person but we are giving the 1st course completely FREE to show and document the progress these people are making after 5 weeks.
If you would like to be one of the participants on this FREE course, please email for an application form.   Places are limited so please ensure to get your application form to me before 10th February.  There is a free information session In Edmund Rice Heritage centre Tuesday 9th January at 11am giving all details.  You can meet some of our guest speakers too and a lovely sociable cup of tea/coffee afterwards.
The layout of the course will be
10.30am  assessments before starting
11.00 am Intro educational talk
11.15am  smovey exercise 20 minutes
11.35 am  guest speaker with Q & A
12.15pm chair exercises
12.30pm smovey cool down
12.40pm  tea, coffee and chats
13.00pm  finish

Please email for further information.

smovey for Parkinson's classes in Dublin- Ireland

smovey for Parkinson's classes in London- UK

Glass Mill leisure centre, 41 Loampit Vale,  London SE13 7RZ, UK

Please email for further details.

Register Your Interest

If you don’t see a Smovey class available in your area, but would love to take part, please let us know by submitting a request with your name and county.