Careers at Smovey Health

Would you like to become a smovey coach???

Second smovey coach training will take a place on  Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October 2017.

In order to hold any smovey classes or make any contact with specific groups that benefit from smovey (any group with 5 of more participants), you must become a certified smovey coach. This is to ensure all smovey licensed agents have the best knowledge and practice before making contact with any groups.

These trainings are normally held at smovey HQ in Austria, so we are delighted to announce our second smovey Coach training which will be held in Tramore, Co. Waterford.

During the two full days we will be learning all about the history, philosophy, vibrations and the positive effects of smovey on the body. We shall learn about neurophysiology, lymph system. We address all conditions that benefit from using smovey, from general health to helping people with conditions from arthritis to Parkinson’s and many more.There will be Smovey classes, demonstrations and walks – so please ensure to bring your own Smovey set and suitable comfortable gym clothing.We will also be doing a business section where we show you the best practice methods of demonstrating the products and explanation of the compensation plan. The payment structure, commission and promotion levels will be explained.

We will also have people that have benefited from smovey to tell you their story, which will be great for you to see first hand. You will hear from people suffering with MS, Parkinson’s and Arthritis that found smoveys so beneficial; some are even joining our team to let others know of these amazing tools so they can help others.

Cost of this is €370 per person, normally it’s  €444 in Austria but we  reduced price to €370 which is exceptional value for such quality training that is certified. Along with becoming a smovey coach, you’ll also receive a preferential smovey coach rate when purchasing smoveys.


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